List of Companies in Asia Closing Gaps

GLINK – Vietnam’s first ever licensed private clinic providing HIV treatment to the LGBTQ community in Ho Chi Minh City. Based in Vietnam.

Hydroleap – B2B tech start up replacing expensive chemical treatment with a smart electrical treatment suitable for construction, food and beverage, oil & gas, tannery, mining and semiconductor industries. Based in Singapore.

LOOP – a circular ecommerce platform in the US that eliminates single-use packaging waste of everyday consumer items (ex. receive your Pantene shampoo and detergent in a reusable, durable bottle that gets reused in another order). Partner brands: Tropicana, Crest, etc. Based in the US.

ZooFresh – leverages supply chain tech and retail platforms to connect smallholder farmers with underserved markets to eliminate waste, increase farmer incomes, and enhance consumer access to local meats. Based in India.

Impact Investors

Upaya – focuses on creating dignified jobs in India. Based in the US.

Beyond Capital – invests in for-profit social enterprises throughout India and East Africa. Based in the US.

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