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So, what are the cool kids up to these days? Well, Deloitte reports 76% of them are starting to call out BS on businesses. 

This shouldn’t come as a surprise as history tends to repeat itself and society moves in a cycle of four generations:
1. First generation: makes a radical break with the past to establish new rules creating chaos
2. Second generation: craves order to stabilize the world
3. Third generation: far removed from the founders of the revolution, coastin’ a comfortable life 
4. Fourth generation: feels society is simply lost (hello)

What’s next? Gen Z’s revolt. 

Revolt against how companies treat social responsibility as a footnote, how VCs remain a boy’s club, how establishments look at diversity as a tick-box and how government bodies somehow forgot to regulate. If you don’t stand for something, you stand to lose. 

CAOSE is a new platform that discusses these issues and others young people care about – societal progress, the environment, mental well being, community, impactful work – and what it all means for businesses of today and tomorrow.  

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