Indonesia Welcomes an IKEA Competitor to the Market

The showroom is quiet. Fanie Fikri, Head of Marketing at Fabelio, one of Indonesia’s up and coming startups, isn’t worried, the usual mall traffic is out to lunch. “Our experience centers contribute a healthy 15% of our total revenue.” He’s referring to the number of customers who have “signed in” to any of the company’s… Continue reading Indonesia Welcomes an IKEA Competitor to the Market


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Leadership Ecommerce Accelerator Program (LEAP)

The Leadership Ecommerce Accelerator Program is a 10-week certificate program C-level about ecommerce. The program was held in partnership with ecommerceIQ and Sasin Graduate Institute - Thailand's #1 business school. Role: Curriculum leader, lecturer Market the program and filter candidates to 45 selected C-suite individuals from ofo, Standard Chartered, Thai Airways, Bayer, Index Living Mall, Yum Group… Continue reading Leadership Ecommerce Accelerator Program (LEAP)

Executive Ecommerce Summit 2016 | Bangkok, Thailand

The launch of ecommerceIQ as a brand was in partnership with Google Thailand in Bangkok, Thailand. The full day executive summit was attended by 200 carefully selected executives from the country's top brands and retailers. Over 1,000 individuals applied. Role: Project Leader, Content Curator Create the agenda and full day curriculum with lecturers from Lazada,… Continue reading Executive Ecommerce Summit 2016 | Bangkok, Thailand

Marketing Masterclass 2016 | Jakarta, Indonesia

The Executive Marketing Masterclass was held in partnership with Google Indonesia. The event was attended by 70 marketing managers from companies such as MatahariMall, L'Oreal, Samsung, DKSH, etc. Role: Content Curator  Develop the half-day Masterclass with lecturers from aCommerce, MatahariMall, Google Indonesia, etc. Watch it in action below: