Quick Bio Cynthia is an accomplished ecommerce and content marketing professional experienced across consumer categories and the Southeast Asian market. She co-founded the region’s first market research & consulting firm dedicated to ecommerce insights and consulted clients such as ExxonMobil, Akamai Tech, DBS, and Criteo on digital strategy and customer acquisition. She managed Reckitt’s online… Continue reading Portfolio

How we raise the future

When SARS broke in 2003, I remember being scared. As a child, I saw flashes of nurses in hazmat suits and climbing death tolls on the telly but life carried on relatively normally. It remains a blip in my memory. 17 years later, we’re dealing with another coronavirus but processing, reacting and handling it in… Continue reading How we raise the future

To do the right thing, forget about what others’ think

I admire one of Malcolm Gladwell's rules in life: pull the goalie and not because 1) it's a hockey reference and 2) I'm Canadian.  'Pulling the goalie' is a tactic used in hockey to swap out the goalie for an attacking player to increase odds of scoring. This call tends to be made seconds left to the… Continue reading To do the right thing, forget about what others’ think

Startup Culture: It’s Foolish Not to Know What You’re Getting Into

CEO and co-founder of popular luggage startup Away stepped down amid controversy over her questionable management style. The exposé by Verge detailing Steph Korey's angry Slack messages to managers ruffled feathers across the organization - how dare a founder demand excellence from her CX team to support upset customers during peak season and how dare leadership fire six individuals who published discriminatory and racist comments on Slack. How… Continue reading Startup Culture: It’s Foolish Not to Know What You’re Getting Into

Kapor Capital Makes VC 1.0 Eat Their Words

Investment firm Kapor Capital released its impact report in May of this year with hopes to shake awake traditional VCs operating by the dogma, "fast growth at all costs".The Task at Hand: 'At all costs' has led to gross negligence (see Facebook, Doordash, Uber, etc.), and the birth of ventures like Juicero (RIP) and The Melt($10M for grilled cheese sandwiches???). The Solution Proposed: Kapor… Continue reading Kapor Capital Makes VC 1.0 Eat Their Words